Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

The floor is the first thing anyone will notice who enters your home or office. Dull, stained, or worn flooring will make your whole place looks unattractive. With normal dusting and regular mopping, you cannot remove the hard stains or scratches on the floor. Your floor will continue to lose its natural luster and shine. So we provide Floor cleaning or polishing with special machines and tools to keep your floor spotless.

Types of Floor

Marble Floor: One of the most popular flooring options used for villas in Dubai. The marble floor looks gorgeous and is durable. But the problem with the marble floor is it is a porous material that gets stains quickly. Stains on marble floors can be oil-based, organic stains, rust, water, mold, or paint stains. At CleaningCompany.AE, considering the delicate characteristics of marble floors we have a unique approach for marble cleaning. We use dedicated machines and products accordingly.
Wood/Parquet Floor: This is an elegant and decorative flooring option people choose for their living rooms and dining rooms mostly. These floors easily get dirty because of the nature of the material. For wood and parquet floor we have our team of experienced cleaners who can restore its original look.
Tiles Floor: The most functional and beautiful flooring that can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life and dirt. While its durability and water resistance makes it a favorite choice of many, sometimes these floors get very tough stains that could steal all its beauty. We first use steaming(with high pressure) to remove those tough stains on the floor tiles. Then, we use the right cleaning solution and tools to keep it in great shape.
Concrete Floor: Concrete floors have been used in warehouses, garages, parking areas, etc., But, now it’s becoming common to see it in home interiors with finished flooring surfaces. We offer cleaning and polishing for concrete floors mostly in the warehouses in Dubai. The concrete floor polishing will extend the durability of the floor.

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